8 Outdoor DIY Projects That Will Add Serious Charm To Your Yard This Summer

With your backyard being the new summer hangout, it’s about time to spruce it up. But what if your budget is already stretched tight?

Well, if you don't mind getting your hands a bit dirty, we've got just the ticket: eight oh-so-easy outdoor DIY projects that will keep you busy on these long summer days while you stay home and add some serious charm to your yard.

From homemade swings to whimsical wind chimes, this list has a little something for everyone. So go ahead and block off the weekend for some easy, outdoor DIY fun, and then check out these inspiring tutorials to get started. 

1. DIY wind chimes

Nothing will keep the Zen vibes of your outdoor space going strong quite like a set of handmade wind chimes.

“The right wind chimes add a natural melody to the background of your backyard oasis,” says Vicki Liston of On the Fly DIY.  “If you aren't a fan of the more clangy versions, this bamboo set offers a more subtle sound. The organic look of the bamboo is also perfect for a tropical-style patio.”

Follow this tutorial to make your own backyard bamboo wind chimes. 

2. Trellis planter box

Why choose between a trellis and a planter box when you can have both? This easy DIY project will liven up any boring corner of your garden, and it’s very simple to make.

“A trellis planter box is one of my favorite ways to dress up a space,” says Liston. “It's also relatively easy to build, moveable, and provides instant privacy.”

3. DIY bird feeder

Another great way to spruce up your yard for the summer? Add one of these homemade log bird feeders from SunCatcherStudio. Not only will the birds love their cozy new abode, but you’ll also love watching them flock to your garden this summer. Just be sure to follow these guidelines to make sure your new bird feeder doesn’t attract any unwanted guests.

4. Pergola swing

An outdoor swing like this one will transform your boring deck into a whimsical outdoor wonderland.

“Swings have a nostalgic feel on summer days,” says Liston. “This grown-up version is stylish hanging from an eye-catching pergola and can pull double duty as a beautiful spot for climbing vines.”

Build your very own pergola swing with this easy DIY tutorial from Single Girl’s DIY.

5. DIY garden pond

Can’t spend the summer near your favorite body of water? Then why not just build one in your backyard?

This DIY pond from Oh My! Creative is the perfect way to add some water elements to your space—and all the luxe greenery and soothing vibes that go with it.

“This pond is a relatively simple build with a dramatic look,” says Tory Jon of Pond Academy. “The pond costs under $500, but with the creative use of stones and the waterfall feature, it looks like a much more expensive pond installed by a professional.”

6. String light poles

“This super simple project is such an easy way to bring in a little mood lighting,” says Liston.

If you dream of whimsical string lights but don't have a pergola to hang them on, then this DIY project is for you. Scrounge up some dowels from your local home improvement store to serve as the poles, and secure them in a heavy planter. Then hang your lights.

“I love how they not only provide a place to safely hang string lights, but they can double as container planters so you can bring a living element into the project," Liston says.

For more in-depth instructions on creating your own network of string lights, check this tutorial from City Farmhouse.

7. Patio poufs

Need a little extra seating but don’t want to blow your budget? Then you’re going to love these simple DIY patio poufs from Style Me Pretty.

“These patio poufs are a great way to upcycle an old tire,” says Liston. “The rope gives them a natural, organic look, and they serve as handy spots for drinks and snacks."

Just make sure you use a fair amount of sealer after assembling so they stay weather-resistant.

8. Tree swing

You can never have too many places to perch and enjoy the summer weather, and this tree swing is just one more way to add a bit of magic to your backyard haven.

“When you're aching for a little bit of a breeze on a hot summer afternoon, a tree swing delivers,” says Liston. “Kids and grown-ups alike just can't resist this simple pleasure—and they aren't that hard to make!”

For the best results, Liston recommends weight-testing the limbs of your favorite tree to make sure you find one that's ready for your new swing. 


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